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Every website has a goal for better positioning among the results on search engines. They are trying to increase organic traffic, leads and conversions. It is feasible by following the best SEO practices. But it is easier said than done.

Search engine optimisation is a long and everyday process, but it is definitely worth the patience. As with any other internet-related field, SEO develops as a complex and challenging task with growing competition. The search engine algorithm is a continuous evolution, and it requires SEO specialists to be up-to-date anytime.

SEO Hero consultants are professionally qualified and excellently trained for their job. They have gained hundreds of certificates from Google and many prestigious SEO institutions. That’s why they can tackle any SEO task, and nothing can surprise them.

SEO Hero is dedicated to searching for the newest and develop the best SEO practices for our customers. Our innovative approach always balances the guidelines dictated by search engines and creates the best SEO strategies for our clients.

SEO Hero’s consultants know how to drive traffic, keep your site healthy, gain you leads and conversions. Their main goal is to push your business forward and one step ahead of the competition.

What SEO consultancy services we provide?

We incorporate the best SEO practices in our work! Using various working methods and tested approaches, we guarantee phenomenal results for every individual client.

SEO Site Audit SEO Hero

SEO Audit

SEO audit is where search optimization starts. Site auditing helps us understand your site’s condition and discover its issues. SEO audit is an in-depth analysis for locating site errors, broken links, 404-pages, blocked pages, malware and other factors that bring your website down.

We have compiled a thorough and complete SEO audit checklist covering all the problems a website can have. After running all the necessary tests and checks, we are ready to create a future SEO strategy for maintaining your website’s health.

keyword research SEO

Keyword Research

Search engine optimization begins with performing intelligent keyword research. Choosing to target the right keywords for your website can drive a ton of organic traffic. We at SEO Hero perform 360-degree keyword research and analysis using the proper methods, tools and trends to boost your site and make it SEO friendly. Here are the key points we cover in our keyword research:

– We understand the different types of keywords and metrics necessary for a diverse and successful keyword strategy.

– We know how to answer the right questions that your customers ask and implement them in your content.

– We brainstorm “seed” keywords and develop a perfect mix of short and long-tail keywords for your website.

We conduct a detailed competitor analysis to assess your competitor`s winning keyword strategy and remaster it for you.

– We can use the best and most proficient SEO tools for our keyword researches.

– We know how to create diverse content for humans based on user intent and context.

technical seo

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a vital part of search engine optimization. You can have the best content strategy, the right keywords and visuals, but your site’s performance will suffer significantly if it has some technical issues. Today, Google is oriented to providing the best user experience, so a technically malfunctioning site is not a good sign for the search engines.

We understand every technical SEO problem that might occur on a website, which would prevent it from getting crawled, indexed or gain less visibility in the search results. When you start working with us, we will improve your:
– Site structure and navigation – messy websites without any hierarchy and well-structured pages and content is a big no-no.
– Crawlability – preventing search engine bots to crawl your site is the worst thing you can do. Robots.txt file and a good internal linking structure help search engines discover your content and show them in the search results.
– Duplicate content – we scan your site for duplicate content because it’s the worst when you are standing in your way and competing with yourself in the search results.
– URL structure – search engines love when a URL has a clear structure, showing the user where he is on your website. A clear and consistent URL structure also counts as a ranking factor.
– Structured data or schema markup helps search engines understand the content on your website. They show the bots what the type of content is on your website. Don’t forget that structured data is a must if you hope to appear as a rich result.
– 404 pages – every site has it. Here stands the problem of how you are dealing with 404 pages on your website. We know how to create a 404 page that won’t drive website visitors away.
– Site speed – everybody hates a slow website. Low site speed spikes your bounce rate and will result in much fewer returning visitors.
– Site security is essential. By implementing an HTTPS certificate on your website, you show your visitors that you care about their privacy and personal data.
– Mobile-friendliness – today, most websites are viewed on smart devises. A mobile-friendly website is a step you should not miss if you care about user experience.

seo strategy seo hero

SEO Strategy

Following an SEO strategy is very important if you want to reach your site’s goals, such as domain rating, URL rating, backlink profile, but also ranking, conversions, relevance and user experience. We have an individual approach to every client and easily recognize his weaknesses and strengths.

After we perform an extensive SEO audit, we recommend an SEO strategy for your website and methods that can help you reach your goals and get the best results in every way possible.

content marketing services

Content Strategy

SEO without a content strategy is as hollow as can be. Now quality content is a ranking factor and the time where plain text and keyword stuffing would help you rank higher in the search results is in the past. Today it’s all about user intent, context and relevance.

First and foremost, quality content keeps your visitors on the site, helps them solve a problem and then return or even recommend you to someone. This gains you a good name in the business. Secondly, if you have a content strategy and play your cards well, you can target many different keywords, appear in more search results and rank higher. We at SEO are masters of content strategy and can design an excellent one especially for you.

local seo services seo hero

Local SEO

In 2021 if you run a business, you need local SEO services. Local SEO is the best strategy to increase your business visibility within your area. If you are a business that provides products and services in a specific region, local SEO helps you gain more customers from that area.

Local SEO doesn’t care how big or small your business is. It helps you in innovative ways to be shown to real customers near you. This is what using a local SEO strategy will help you achieve:
– Stand out from your local competition.
– Increase your online visibility in local searches.
– Increase your website traffic, leads and conversions.
– Gain actual revenue.
– Target specific customers.

We at SEO Hero know the right tools to create an effective local SEO campaign for your business and take it to the next level.

international seo services

International SEO

International SEO is the opposite of local SEO. If you plan your business to go global, international SEO is the right strategy to expand your business worldwide. International SEO recognizes the differences between every geographic region – their language, traditions, preferences, shopping habits and online behavior. While a strategy works well in a particular region or country, it may be the opposite in a different one. International SEO is a way to:
– Expand your online business presence on many international markets.
– Design a website that matches the country’s or region’s specific taste.
– Cover the best online channels and search engine requirements for a target market.
– Assess your competitors and structure your SEO strategy to theirs.

International SEO comes in aid to developing a unified but diverse strategy for promoting your products and services globally. SEO Hero knows how to target a specific market and provide the best international SEO services.

ecommerce seo

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO is a search engine optimization for your online store. Ecommerce is growing bigger by the day, and so is competition. This is where ecommerce SEO comes in hand in gaining lead to your competitors. Ecommerce SEO is here to help you gain traffic, leads, conversions and most importantly – grow your revenue.

Ecommerce has its specific requirements, and SEO Hero is the best company to provide you with eCommerce SEO services. Keep in mind that today just having an online store with products is not enough. The problem in eCommerce is much more complex due to the high competition. SEO Hero  performs an eCommerce site audit and builds a correlating SEO strategy that:
– Improves your products’ searchability.
– Gets you a higher rank on the search results page.
– Improves your on-page SEO – the agency performs keyword research, implements metadata, schema markup and optimizes your product pages.
– Follows your competitors and adjusts to their strengths and weaknesses.
– Applies proper interlinking of related products to ensure that both your customers and search engines can discover your other pages.

voice-search SEO

Voice Search SEO

Voice search is a relatively new search instrument, but it’s gaining popularity by the minute. Due to its effortless execution and high relevance of results, it is a field where your SEO strategy needs to focus. There are some differences between conventional type search queries and voice search queries. This is a strong reason why you need to optimize your website specifically for voice searches.

Voice search is becoming a more preferred search method mainly because it saves time; you can do it on your smart phone and get specific information. Because of how a voice search is done, there are some key points your website content needs to cover.: FAQ pages, long-tail keywords, conversational language, readability, site speed and mobile-friendliness. SEO Hero can help you achieve that on your website and increase your visibility in the voice search results.

link building seo

Link Building

Linkbuilding is an essential part of your SEO strategy, and it’s not the easiest to achieve. It involves getting other websites linked to yours, which results in a higher ranking in the search results. Link building is considered one of the most challenging SEO tasks, but certainly one with the most rewarding results. Link building helps with the crawlability of your site and gains more exposure to it.

Link building is a fine-art task because you need to know how to link your site to quality links and not spam ones. Here comes in place a good link building strategy, which only masters can develop and maintain. SEO Hero is proficient at link building and know how to build an excellent link building strategy for your website.


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