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Do you have a website but wonder why it is not bringing in customers as you hoped it would? Is your website not ranking in search engines for the keywords that matter to your business? You need SEO Search Engines’ SEO Audit Services to check what is keeping you from ranking.

Having a professionally done website is a good start. But it is not enough as thousands of competitors also do the same. Your website needs to be optimized for search engines, and we can do that for your site, starting with an SEO website audit.

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a task we will perform to ensure that your website maintains a healthy website score. Several factors contribute to it.

SEO Search Engines will perform an in-depth analysis starting with any possible malware, site errors such as broken links, 404s and blocked pages. Here are the most critical issues that we will check:

Crawl Issues

We will perform several tasks in a website audit. We start with checking the elements on your website and making sure that search engines can crawl and index the pages that matter. If your website has some crawl issues, then search engines might not be able to crawl your pages and index them accordingly.

SEO Audit Crawl IssuesCheck Your Technical Onsite SEO

Search engines have a limited crawl budget for each site. Just because you have all your site’s pages does not mean that search engines will crawl all of them. On the other end of the spectrum, neither should you let search engines crawl all your site’s pages.

For example, your Cart page, Checkout page, Registration and Login page need not be crawled. They offer no value to be indexed and should be excluded from a search engine’s crawl. Otherwise, because of the search engine’s limited crawl budget, they might not get to crawl your more important pages.

This is a part of the Technical Onsite SEO that we will perform on your site. We will create the correct sitemap as well as exclude individual pages from being crawled.

We shall do this by creating the optimal robots file or a file that search engines follow in crawling your site.

When we perform this task, we optimise the search engines’ crawl budget and let them crawl and index your more critical pages only.

Broken Links

We will also check for any serious issues such as broken links within your website (internal links) and links to external sites. Broken links / 404s are a sign of a poorly maintained website that Google does not like.

It will also give a poor user experience, leading to a high bounce rate. Google wants to serve the best information, so if your website has signs of low maintenance, it will affect the ranking. With our SEO audit services, correcting these errors will be a priority.
Fixing such errors is crucial because it contributes significantly to the overall website health score.

Page Loading Speed

Another severe error is slow-loading pages. Your site pages should load in under 3 seconds. Most website owners become overzealous in uploading their product images, videos, or pdfs, which, unless professionally optimized, affect page loading.

We will check the media you use, such as images, videos, and pdfs that may be huge files and cause the slow loading pages and optimize them without compromising the resolution and overall quality.

SEO Page Loading SpeedSite Structure and Interlinking

To optimize your search engine indexing site, we also need to study your web pages’ interlinking. We need to group your site’s related pages and link them accordingly.

This will result in your pages being discovered more by visitors and search engines following those links and indexing your pages faster.

On-page Optimization

After checking all of the above, we will also check the on-page optimization. This includes performing keyword research and using this information to set the right header tags, meta titles and meta descriptions of your pages.

All these are important because having the right meta titles and meta descriptions affects correct indexing, leading to ranking the site for the right keywords.

We will also do a keyword and content audit to check keyword performance, duplicate content and compare them against your competitors via a content gap.

Backlink Check

Bad, spammy links to your site are bad for ranking. We will check your backlink profile to ensure there are no toxic links, as these can affect Google ranking. Spammy and toxic links should be disavowed via Google Search Console.


Future Strategy

Once we finish your initial SEO audit, you can expect a good website health score and positively affect your site’s performance. Then we can plan your content strategy monthly along with a monthly website audit to check any new possible issues so that we maintain a well-optimized website.

SEO Audit StrategyStart Your SEO Audit Services with Us

These are just a few of many other tasks to perform in a website audit, simplified to help you, our clients, to better appreciate and understand. We shall present these in a monthly report to keep you informed of the progress.

Ranking on Google is not an easy task, it takes about 4-6 months before we start seeing results, but as we have proven to our clients, it is achievable and should start with a healthy foundation, a useful website.

At SEO Hero, we provide a complete range of SEO Services tailor-fit to your business. Whether your product or service is local or international, everything starts with a good website audit. Contact us today to jumpstart your digital marketing efforts.

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