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For those businesses that need to focus within a specific area or location, you need Local SEO Services, and this is where we at SEO Hero can help you.

How does local SEO help your business? Statistics show that four out of five consumers utilize local search to find a nearby product or service immediately. Translating this figure to a percentage means that a business is missing out on 80% of its potential customers if it is not optimized for local search.

This is where local SEO comes in. In simple terms, it is optimizing online presence to attract more business from relevant local searches.

It is one of the most powerful SEO tools readily available in this era and also an innovative way to reach highly qualified prospects within your area.


How to know if your business needs this kind of service?

If your business’s focus is providing products or services within a certain region, then SEO Search Engines can help you with your Local SEO.

Read on to know if you meet the criteria of a specific business that needs this kind of SEO service.

Local SEO ConditionsYou need this if you:

  1. Have a franchise as a business.
  2. Have a business within your area or a location within a 5 km radius.
  3. Want your business to appear on online maps readily.
  4. You want to be in Google local pack.
  5. Want the added boost in your business by adequately listing in business directories.
  6. Have branches in several and need to have them listed separately and perform well in those designated areas.


How does Local SEO help your business grow?

Google launched Google My Business in 2014 to help consumers find products or services near them. Because 80% of the searches are more of products or services within a region/area, the searchers have high buyer intent.

Another aspect of the local SEO strategy is building business citations and being present in the best local directories such as Yelp, BBB, or others that may be niche-related.

To achieve all these, though, there are certain guidelines in Google My Business and enlisting in business directories. This is what SEO Hero can do for your business by specifically achieving the following for your enterprise:

Stand out from local competitors

Research shows that less than 50% of established businesses nowadays are currently using local SEO services. Knowing this and taking advantage of the opportunity to make headway is the key that separates your business from others.

It is harder to beat a more significant “war zone” aside from it being not necessary. With the proper focus on areas that matter, you can get more results. Take the chance to do it before they do and stand out in local directories and searches, as well as maps and even social media.

Increase online visibility in local searches

More than ever, people search for anything online, including finding local services on the web. Most of these people who conduct searches online will not go beyond the search results’ first page.

Knowing this common trend helps businesses realize that appearing on the first page of search results will do them wonders. This is why an increase in page rankings automatically means an increase in online visibility, and to achieve this, local search engine optimization is needed.

With local SEO, we can help you increase your local online visibility, most especially in your quest to be in Google local pack.

Increase sales from local visitors due to increased web traffic and leads

Web visits from users who are located outside your designated market area will not purchase your local products and services.

To add value and build your business, localized search engine optimization can increase the web traffic from consumers WITHIN your city or suburb. This, in turn, results in a higher visit-to-sale rate, which you want for your local business.

Provide geographic campaigns that are target-specific

More often than not, these users will search for products and services near their respective localities. A high percentage of users will expect a custom-tailored experience every time they search online.

With a more localized geographic marketing focus, this translates to more relevancy of your marketing strategies and better results.

Suppose you have localized SEO strategies and plans in your business. In that case, the chances are that you can target specific campaigns to a small and localized group of consumers with higher buyer intent.


What are the standard pricing and packages for this service?

SEO Hero recognizes the uniqueness of each business and even entire companies. This is why customer pricing and packages will be based on an individual company needs as much as possible.

It is best to avoid giving a one-size-fits-all price. Understandably, the specific needs of a local business vary from one company to another.

There are local businesses with a meagre budget and thus can only afford essential local SEO services. Other companies with known multiple locations have a sky-is-the-limit budget and will require all the works necessary.

This is why pricing and packages will be provided based on the customization needs of each client.


What to expect when availing of this service?

You might ask one question for those new to local search engine optimization after reading the sections above. If and when you do decide to avail of the offered services, what comes next?

Local SEO BenefitsRead on to know some of the things that you can expect when availing of this service.

1. Google My Business Optimized Listing and Management

Listing your business in Google My Business (GMB) requires the following guidelines and proper procedure not to be penalized by Google. We at SEO Hero shall do this for you from listing to the maintenance of your listing.

2. Citation Building and Optimization

To ensure that you achieve the highest potential in ranking, your local SEO expert will prioritize listing your business on sites and local directories that Google likes.

Building business citations is good for getting more leads and builds trust and credibility for your business. There are, however, specific guidelines for proper listing in these business directories, and we will also take care of these for you.

3. Creation of Optimized Landing Pages

Another aspect of a successful local search engine optimization campaign is having landing pages on your website for specific areas where you would also want to rank.

Most notably, these keywords are geo-specific landing pages to increase your chances of capturing more leads. We will be responsible for creating content for this purpose.

4. Optimization of Google Maps

Another crucial step in securing a problem-free and perfectly optimized Google Places page for your business’ website. If this is neglected, your business will not be easily found on local map results.

5. Studying Your Local Competition

Of course, the name of the game is studying your local competition month to month, knowing what their activities are and what are their strong sides. With the proper SEO tools, we can determine all these beat them in the market you are in.


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Seo Hero will address all these to guarantee an effective local SEO campaign for your business.

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