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If your business is targeting potential customers in other countries or selling products and services globally, you need international SEO services in which we, at SEO Hero, can help.

International SEO is geo-targeting on a global scale. In other words, it is delivering content to an international audience based on their geographic location.

An SEO strategy that works in one region doesn’t necessarily fit in another. Likewise, a specific web page of your website may not appeal to some of your international audience.

Websites should cater to each country, their most used search engine, their currency, their language and the search volumes in that region.

Whilst Google is the widely used search engine around the world. Some countries use different search engines.

Countries such as Russia, China and Korea use Yandex, Baidu and Naver, respectively. That means a unique SEO strategy is needed for each country or region.

As an international SEO services company, SEO Search Engines can help your business get noticed online by your target market. We can help expand your web presence around the globe and reach new foreign audiences.

To implement an international SEO strategy suited to the global needs of your business, here are the areas we focus and work on:

International Technical SEO

The localization of your website and the translation of its content is one of the first steps in an international SEO strategy.

A website with well-performing or popular content in the UK may not do well in the US or the Asian market. We will do the extra optimization work that your web pages need and do content edits to conform to that country’s SEO landscape.

Whilst keeping an eye on each of your websites, we also pay attention to the overall performance. This is to ensure your sites do not compete against each other. That could result in not being indexed by the search engines.

To ensure that your websites follow international SEO best practices, we will do an SEO audit and give essential recommendations to you and your business.

We will implement the proper meta language tags, hreflangs, correct geolocation settings, etc. These are pivotal to the success of your business in other countries.

International Site Structure

Taking your business globally means adapting new content on your site. As a general rule, we do not use subdomains. We go for sub-folders instead.

You don’t have to launch new domains for every country and region that you operate in. This will only add more unnecessary SEO work than what’s needed to be done.

What we will do instead is to change the current structure of your website so it can accommodate your international SEO strategy.

And we will also point out the best solutions for your business depending on how broad your international goals are.

SEO Site StructureCompetitor Analysis

When your business operates in other countries, you’ll inevitably be competing against local brands that have distinct advantages against your brand.

That means your competitors already have:

  • regional content
  • established consumer bases
  • in-country hosting
  • localized domain names, etc.

It is wise that you commit to giving international SEO the time, budget and attention it deserves rather than viewing it as an “add-on”.

Knowing who your foreign competitors are is a vital part of an international SEO strategy. With that said, we will conduct a competitor analysis for your website. This will help you know better the local market that you want to target.

On-page Optimization

The success of your global web presence depends on understanding the market you want to target. We will conduct Local Audience Intent Research to understand what your target markets care about, what they talk about, and how they behave online.

And based on this research, we provide recommendations about the type of keywords that you must target. These are also the keywords that will be used for your page’s metadata.

We recommend the type of written content and the proper format that will work best for your audience in each country or region.

Content Transcreation

Your audience from other countries expects to be served with content that is translated into their native language. Thus, your content must be expertly translated. This involves providing the proper grammar or the nuances of that native dialect.

We at SEO Hero have SEO specialists that work hand in hand with professional translators. Our goal is to design your website in a way that tells search engines for whom your website is created for and for specific countries or regions.

We make sure that every page on your website is translated into the correct cultural context. And that the pages are tailored to each of your international audiences.

Link Acquisition

Ranking well in other countries means you have to earn links from the region you compete in.

This will require brainstorming for new methods of link building and making changes in your approach to outreach.

Link building and conducting outreach for different countries is an incredibly complex task due to cultural differences, language barriers and other industry behaviour.

Even so, this is essential for any SEO strategy’s success. And so we utilize our local insights to give a local strategy for your target market in each country or region.

Why Choose SEO Hero as Your International SEO Company?

SEO Hero is a highly skilled and highly proficient international SEO agency with a deep understanding of SEO. We conduct in-depth research on the current market trends and adopt international SEO best practices.

SEO Link Acquisition

Here’s our simple process when it comes to international SEO:


After performing an SEO audit for our client’s website and closely observing the current scenario, we define international SEO strategies specifically designed for that client.


We have a technology and development team working hand in hand to create the best implementation plan. We have experts that can offer the best recommendations for Content Transcreation.


Our SEO specialists and marketing team work together to produce high-quality, optimized content for your business. This teamwork helps us to ensure that we successfully run an SEO campaign in the international market.

4.We have the experience.

We are an agency experienced in providing international SEO services, and that we continue to achieve successful SEO campaigns for our clients.

Our approach to global SEO is flexible enough to cater to the needs of your organization. Yet, we also believe that having a strong centralized global strategy is a must. This strategy can be executed by our team or by the personnel from your local offices under the guidance of our experts.

5.We have the proper tools

We have the tools that help us offer more local insights across all markets and languages worldwide. Not to mention the high-quality SEO services that we also provide.

With our tools and expertise, we enable businesses to create their digital journeys and form meaningful connections with their international audience. We make this possible through producing and delivering optimized, relevant and personalized content.


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