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Are you struggling with your eCommerce site, not getting the sales you hoped it would? Are you spending way too much on Google and FB Ads with not enough satisfying results? Then you need eCommerce SEO services, and we can provide that for you.

What is eCommerce SEO?

ECommerce SEO is a Search Engine Optimization for your online store. Because of the sudden interest in putting up eCommerce sites to sell products online, competition is getting more difficult by the day.

The reality is, only those that land on the first page of search engines, notably Google, will get the new leads and potential clients. How can you get your website products on the top 10 of Google?

We at SEO Search Engines understand your dilemma, and we are here to help you get that much-needed boost in traffic and convert it to buying customers.

Why eCommerce SEO?

When running an online store, the common misconception is that having a site with the right products is enough. With so many others practically offering the same or similar products, it will be hard to have your products appear on the first page unless you do eCommerce SEO.

Compared to running ads, eCommerce SEO is the least expensive marketing strategy with longer-lasting results. Imagine getting organic traffic for your store? That is what we can do for your online shop. We can develop a comprehensive SEO strategy for your eCommerce website.

The following tasks are what we can do to improve your products’ searchability and to get them in sight of buying customers:

Ecommerce Site Audit

To start ranking your products on Google’s first page, first and foremost, you need to make sure that the website itself has no technical issues. These include issues that prevent Google and other search engines from discovering and crawling your site.

An e-commerce SEO audit checks any issues with your sites, such as crawlability, your site’s structure, the correct sitemap and the proper robots.txt file. These are important because search engines do not get to crawl all your site’s pages due to search engines’ limited crawl budget.

ecommerce seo site auditAs such, you need SEO Search Engines to fix these technical website issues to optimize your online store’s crawling. This way, search engine bots can crawl essential pages of your eCommerce site.

There are other issues as well, such as server problems that an eCommerce SEO audit can check. These server problems can be the cause of your site loading speed. Slow-loading sites can cause a potential customer to leave your site and never return.
With our eCommerce SEO services, we check all these issues with a thorough audit.

On-Page SEO

After performing an audit, we need to make sure to check eCommerce on-page SEO. What is this, you may ask? It is ensuring that all aspects of your product pages are geared towards ranking.

It starts with the proper keyword research so that to know which keywords to use on the following product page descriptions:

  • A good meta title with the correct length and an optimized meta description to improve click-through rate when discovered in search results;
  • Unique content for each of your product pages;
  • Product page content in the proper format;
  • Schema mark-up or structured data.

seo ecommerce on-pageThe common problem with eCommerce sites is that most of the descriptions among online stores that sell the same products are identical. This duplicate content issue will prevent your products from the ranking because of Google, and your duplicate information offers no added value. With our eCommerce SEO services, we can correct this.

We shall also apply proper interlinking of related products to make sure that both your customers and search engines can discover your other pages. This strategy is, in a way, a soft upsell.

Research on SEO Analysis of Ecommerce Websites

After the audit and on-page SEO, another advantage of our eCommerce SEO services is that we can observe your competitors and provide analysis of eCommerce websites. We can discover what works to outperform your competitors with information on:

  • What their most vital products and pages are
  • The keywords they are ranking for

Contact us to avail of our eCommerce SEO services today and see your traffic and conversions increase!

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