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“Content is king” – you`ve probably heard this statement. And these words live to their truth because, without content, all websites would not exist. But content is not just about stuffing meanless words and texts into a site. Here comes content marketing. We at SEO Hero know how to do the best content marketing and help you achieve your business goals.

What Is Content Marketing?

Overall, content marketing is creating and distributing useful, relevant and engaging content for a specific audience. It has mainly marketing strategic purposes to create awareness of your brand, strengthen the relationship with your audience, and convince them to become your customers. Content marketing is the pillar of your whole marketing.

Traditional content marketing is known for mainly blogging. Blogging is essential, but it`s not the only way to distribute your valuable content anymore. Get a dynamic approach to your content marketing game and use some of the modern platforms to share your content, such as:

  • Ebooks
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Social media posts
  • Influencer posts
  • Email campaigns
  • Online courses
  • Webinars

Using the potential of more than one marketing channel can help you reach bigger audiences. Adopting these modern platforms becomes mandatory to develop a great content marketing path. But in 2020, you should elevate your game and opt for some of the arising content marketing trends:

  • Live-stream videos
  • Chatbots
  • Voice search optimised content.
  • Personalised content (formulated by collecting data about your audience – online behaviour or demography, etc.)
  • Longer content – content that provides in-depth, well-sourced and researched information.

SEO Hero loves content marketing and knows how to operate it on many platforms. We can provide the best content marketing service for you and expand the reach of your audience.

Why Is Content Marketing Important?

Today we consume times more digital content than ten years ago. We were bombarded with all kinds of content, and our attention to it gets less attractive. So what`s the most important thing about content marketing?

It makes you stand out! It`s the right tool to capture attention and retain a long-term interest in your audience. Content marketing has many incredible benefits. Done the right way, it can help you:

  • Get more conversions and increase sales.
  • Save money on advertising.
  • Generate leads and expands your customer base
  • Create brand awareness and online community
  • Build loyalty to your brand

The best part of content marketing is that it doesn`t look like traditional marketing. It’s an advertisement that just can’t be ignored. It’s not pushy or annoying; it’s authentic, helpful and captivating. Its possibilities cannot be limited because it was driven by creativity and value.

You Need A Content Marketing Strategy

What`s the first rule of your content marketing strategy?
To give your audience what they want: answer their questions, help them solve their problems and nurture their relationship with them.

The marketing strategy’s main direction is to deliver valuable content to your audience, build a sustainable relationship with it while educating them about your products and services, and turn them into future customers. But for this to happen, you need a solid content marketing strategy.

content marketingWhen building a content marketing strategy, you need to answer a few crucial questions:

1. What is my ideal audience?
2. What problem am I solving for my audience?
3. What distinguishes me from my competitors?
4. What content formats are best for my business?
5. What platforms should I publish on?

Content Marketing Funnel

Every customer`s journey follows a marketing funnel. The funnel idea is that it brings new people to the business by introducing them to different types of content. The purpose of the content marketing funnel is to move the audience from awareness to becoming a new customer.

In content marketing, there are three stages of the funnel – Top of the Funnel (TOFU), Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) and the Bottom of the funnel (BOFU). Your content marketing strategy must follow the funnel to be relevant and successful.
It`s of the essence that your content matches the stage on which the customer is.

Let`s take a quick look at what type of content is suitable for each stage of the Content Marketing Funnel:

Top of the Funnel (TOFU)

In TOFU, your customer is at the beginning of its customers` journey. This is where the potential customer gets acquainted with your business. This is the stage where you bring awareness to your business. So it`s best to make them curious about your content and try to leave an impression.

The most suitable content for the TOFU stage are:

  • blog posts
  • ebooks
  • videos
  • email newsletter
  • webinars
  • social media posts

With this content, you want to retain the audience’s attention and make them involved with your brand. So downloadable and subscription-based content is the best option.

Middle of the Funnel (MOFU)

MOFU have left the genuinely interested people in your business and need a little push to become your customers. This is the final stage of courting and convincing the potential client to trust you and make a purchase.

At this stage, the content is more straightforward and sale-oriented. Here we show content that presents your products and services in their best light possible. Therefore, the perfect content for this stage is:

  • customer reviews
  • testimonials
  • clear and convincing product descriptions
  • comparative product charts

Bottom of the funnel (BOFU)

At this stage, the potential customers have entered the consideration stage. Now it`s time to show your products and services by educating your audience about how they can help them solve their pains and problems. In this stage, you should involve your products and services with your content.

So what`s the most suitable content for BOFU?

  • How-to guides
  • Case studies
  • Demos
  • Product descriptions

At this stage, you are trying to convince your audience that your product or service is the best solution for their need by showing them how they operate.


After we`ve walked down the funnel, it`s time to think about the customers’ retention and return as satisfied customers. Although this step is outside the content marketing funnel, it`s a quintessential part of our content marketing strategy. Here we should focus on content such as:

  • special offers
  • email follow-up
  • insider information
  • user experience with our products

The content marketing funnel presents plenty of opportunities by experimenting and mixing all types of content. But it`s crucial that you also create “evergreen content”. The evergreen content will become the benchmark of your content marketing strategy, and it will always be relevant and up to date.

As a digital marketing services company, SEO Hero is here to help your business get noticed and involved with your target audience. We can help expand your customer base and reach new audiences.

Content Marketing Plan

Your content strategy has to be integrated into a content marketing plan. Mainly it`s the most vital tool to manage your content marketing strategy. Your content marketing plan plays a role as a calendar and a tool to post your content into different marketing channels. With it, you plan what type of content you post, where to post it and at what moment.

content marketingIn the content marketing plan for each stage of the marketing funnel, you need to decide:

  • your SMART goals
  • your KPI`s
  • your marketing channels
  • a suitable type of content
  • your budget
  • your content distribution plan.

SEO Hero can build your content marketing plan for you and monitor its progress to implement a successful content marketing strategy for your business.

SEO Content Marketing

SEO content marketing is essential to be integrated into your content. It helps you get noticed online. Leave it behind, and even the best content won`t perform as good as you think.

How does SEO content marketing aids you? To put it simply, it shows you what your audiences’ intents are and what keywords are they using to find what they are searching for. Knowing this, first, you have to research your most searched keywords and then integrate them into your content. Miss this step, and your content marketing strategy hit rock bottom.

Most importantly, SEO content marketing brings quality traffic to your site and increases the chances for conversions.

seo content marketingSEO cannot be effective without content and the other way around. Your best SEO content marketing strategy consist of three key points:

  • research your competitors and the most searched keywords in your niche
  • write quality and relevant content
  • insert the right keywords and internal links in your content

But just stuffing and overusing keywords in your content will not do good for your results. Here the balance is critical, and SEO Hero knows how to attain it.

We have mastered SEO Content Marketing and can elevate your content marketing to a higher level!

Ecommerce Content Marketing

Ecommerce content marketing is specialised content that is focused on attracting potential customers to your online business. It`s not only product charts and descriptions. Instead of just describing your products or services, try to answer your customers’ questions.

Ecommerce content spans through:

  • blog articles
  • social media posts
  • influencer posts
  • video tutorials
  • product guides
  • user-made content

A blog set up in your online store with useful items and a FAQ page will help your customers understand your products best. Increase your presence on social media so that you boost your engagement with your audience. Influencer campaigns give testimonials about your products and describe a personal experience with your products or services. Video tutorials are easy to consume and are the best way to present your products powers. The benefits of diverse e-commerce content are countless, and this will only help you get conversions.

Therefore, using all of the options will gain you customers and build loyalty to your brand.

SEO Hero is professional at eCommerce content marketing, and we are here to help you build a strategy to attract more customers to your online store!

B2B Content Marketing

Business to business content marketing is not only creating content to attract customers’ attention. Here, you have to show your expertise in the field and develop a brand affinity. In B2B marketing, you need to generate leads from other businesses and, most importantly, maintain a healthy and long-term relationship with them.

In B2B content marketing, you need to accentuate your professionalism. Your content should be personalised and niche-oriented. You not only need to know your audience but also the other businesses` audience.

The type of content in your B2B content marketing strategy can be diverse, but its engagement, high quality and usefulness, should be perfect. The content you create for businesses should be oriented to:

  • generate more revenue
  • gain new leads
  • build loyalty for the business
  • elevate the customers’ experience.

SEO Hero understands the importance and has the skills required for B2B content marketing. We at SEO Hero can create the best B2B content marketing strategy for you!

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